Our history

1989 : a historic date

Charles did an internship at the Beaumes-de-Venise winery, and was soon drawing up plans for the winery. With the help of his parents Rémy and Mireille Carichon, he built the winery and planted the first vines, bringing the estate to life.

Charles went on to develop the estate from its initial 30 hectares to its current 70 hectares. The winery expanded to vinify 2500HL (equivalent to over 333000 75cl bottles). Stainless-steel vats were added outside to vinify all the estate’s plots. A frequent prize-winner at various competitions (Paris, Orange, Mâcon, Féminalises) and in the Guide Hachette, Charles made his wines known at wine fairs, and the domaine gained notoriety year after year among professionals and the general public alike. Today, over 90% of production is sold in bottles.

The Vacqueyras appellation, recognized as an AOC in 1990, has become increasingly well known for its quality wines: wines with body and finesse, an undisputed model of balance and harmony.

“Wine is proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy” Benjamin Franklin

The origin of the name and coat-of-arms

In the 15th century, in 1420 to be exact, Pellegrin de Brunellis, a gentleman from Verona, Italy, was commissioned by Martin V, then Pope of Rome, to go to the Comtat Venaissin to reinforce papal authority, threatened by followers of the anti-pope Benedict XIII.

In gratitude for his loyal service, he was offered the office of Viguier d’Avignon, and a few years later settled and started a family in Carpentras, a town very close to the lands he owned, notably those in the commune of Sarrians, the birthplace, a few centuries later, of the present-day estate.

In return for his victorious battles, the Pope gave him the land at the site of the estate.

Cellar opening hours

Monday to Friday

From 8h30 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 17h30


On appointment

Our vineyard has been certified HVE Level III since 2019.



+33 4 90 65 41 24 / +33 6 67 00 84 86




1272 route de la Brunely
84260 Sarrians

Latitude : 44.083415
Longitude : 4.971544

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